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If you want to contact Ghost, you can do so by using the form below. In general, Ghost will answer within 24 to 48 hours (unless he’s walking the earth somewhere). You can write Ghost in English or Dutch. Ghost also speaks a little French and even Spanish, but unfortunately he can’t write enough in those two languages to answer your mail. If you’re mailing in those two languages or any other language, Ghost will use Google Translate to translate your message and reply in English.

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If you have a website, please let Ghost know, He likes to visit other people's websites.
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Please keep in mind Ghost is NOT answering your mail if : 

• It’s clearly some kind of commercial trick or spam.
• It’s not specific enough, like ‘how much do you ask?’ To do what, where, how? Please be as specific as possible.
• The required fields are filled with rubbish.