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Ghost is loading...well ehh, his pictures that is.

Every blog starts with a first post, and Ghost’s blog is no exception.

The birth of a new website is something to write about anyway. Ghost had plans for a new website for a long time, but was a bit (a lot) a procrastinator. As a result, the first page of ghostphotography.org had a redirect link to Ghost’s portfolio at 500px for a very long time. That is now a thing of the past, there is finally a full-fledged website.

On this new website you can read all about Ghost himself, see what material he works with, and find a portfolio with a small selection of his works. Ghost has recently also started to create NFTs, so-called ‘non-fungible tokens’. You can read all about this in the relevant section of the website.

Finally, there is also this blog. Ghost isn’t such a fanatical blogger, so it’s not like new posts will appear here every day. The intention is if Ghost reads or hears something interesting somewhere related to photography that this will be shared with the world here.

If you have a question, proposal, or if there is something you want to say or you want to share a compliment with Ghost (he is quite sensitive to that), you can always send your message to Ghost via the contact form.

This website may be more of a simple website without too many bells and whistles, but that has been done deliberately. It’s just a virtual business card, nothing more. Ghost wishes you a lot of fun on his new website, and be sure to visit this blog regularly, maybe there will be  something to read that interests or fascinates you.

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