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Ghost is loading...well ehh, his pictures that is.

A blog post today that is not really about photography. As you may have noticed Ghostphotography has been offline for a few days. That had its reasons. Ghost moved the website to another hosting provider, because the other hosting provider was way to slow. You might have noticed this when visiting Ghostphotography. Slow loading of pages and images all the time, and sometimes the website was not even reachable. That’s all history now.

Such a move is slightly more complex than a move in the real world where you put your stuff in some boxes, put it in a moving truck or van, drive to your new home and start unloading your boxes. Done, you’re moved. Although it is the same with a website in theory, there is a lot more involved. Fortunately, Ghost had the help of an excellent WordPress Plugin. Watch the video below to see how it was done by using ‘All-In-One WP Migration’, a free plugin for WordPress. In case you have to move your website too one day, you will then know how to do it.

It all seems easy in the above video, but there is a lot more behind it, like reconfiguring the security and firewall, making new mailboxes, changing the DNS servers of the domain etc… On top there is also the exploring of the new hosting interface. Such things take extra time. Ghost has also taken the opportunity to do some minor fine-tuning to the site as well.

  • The thumbnails in the portfolio all have the same size now, which was not the case before, and that looked a bit messy.
  • In the NFT section a number of links did not work properly and gave an error. That has now been resolved.
  • Most important of all, the website has become three to four times faster due the moving. This is because the site now has more resources. 1.5GB RAM versus 1GB before and 2 Cores versus only 1 before.

The site is now hosted on a server in London at a company called Hostinger. Ghost can definitely recommend this hosting provider just for the speed that websites hosted by them have. Rarely seen such loading speed, and their prices are great too. Ghost even pays less now than he was paying before. So if you want to build a website yourself, or want to move your current one, definitely consider Hostinger. Click on the logo below to visit their website, and see what they have to offer. You will be amazed!

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